Business Review

Reviewing your business

We understand that there will be occasions when an organisation requires an objective review of current business plans, existing strategies and associated operations, to be conducted by an external partner to provide a fresh, impartial perspective. These reviews can be organisation wide, focus on a particular function or department or be contract specific.

Key Features

  • Full comprehensive review identifying any issues, barriers or failures currently within your business
  • Identification of potential growth in existing operations and opportunities to enter new markets
  • Access to specialist consultants relevant to each area of the business review
  • Focus on strategy, business planning, people development, resources, business development, audit and quality

The process

We arrange an initial meeting to gain an understanding of your business, to ascertain the purpose of the review and to agree some clear objectives. Following the meeting we aim to provide a clear outline of the activities required as part of the review with specific timelines for each in a detailed proposal.

Once engaged we will aim to conduct the review at the earliest opportunity. Upon completion of the review a full report will summarise findings, recommendations and proposed implementation plans.

Specialists in Skills and Employability

Skills Consultants are currently working with a number of employers, colleges and independent training providers to establish how to best position themselves for the forthcoming changes to delivery and funding for Skills and Employability contracts. We are able to interpret how those changes may affect your business based upon your current involvement.

Benefits to your business

  • Increased visibility providing greater understanding of how your business is currently operating
  • Current strategies and business plans reviewed and tested
  • Reduced risk through identification of threats and mitigating actions
  • Diversification into enter new markets and create additional revenue streams
  • Opportunities to increase productivity, income and profitability
  • Partnership with a trusted advisor for Skills and Employability

Our promise

We pride ourselves on our reputation of trust, honesty and ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality are maintained with our partners. We always prepare non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements as part of our engagement process to provide you with greater confidence and reassurance.

We promise never to divulge any information regarding your organisation to any other party. We also promise to provide you with an honest appraisal of where your business currently is and any recommendations to improve.

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