Funded Delivery Partnerships

Why should you choose us?

At Skills Consultants we have strong, established, relationships with a large number of organisations, both prime contractors and partner organisations with whom a prime will  sub-contract provision to. These relationships have been formed through any number of engagement activities we offer and in doing so we have been able to determine business development opportunities available. We work with organisations large and small in a variety of sectors, some very niche. We pride ourselves on our reputation of trust, providing value for money and delivering results. At Skills Consultants we never lose sight of our purpose – promoting excellence in training regardless of whom we are working with or whom we represent.

Key features to primes

  • We establish your requirements relating to delivery offer, geography, contract size and any other prerequisites
  • We ascertain information about you as a prime including your offer, management fee, support services provided and any added value to market you effectively
  • We carry out a full, independent, due diligence process on all prospective partners through an on-site visit prior to any introductions being made
  • We review all systems and processes related to delivery, operations, finance, quality and audit
  • We only introduce ROTO approved providers that meet your requirements and pass our initial due diligence
  • All introductions are made based upon predetermined criteria set by the prime

Benefits to primes

  • Increase in introductions to potential partner organisations meeting prime requirements
  • Reduced cost of recruiting new partners
  • Greater confidence engaging with partner finder organisations
  • Exposure to new and niche markets
  • Specialist support made available to contracted partners
  • Vested interest to ensure contract delivery is maximised
How are we different?

We have carried out extensive research about how primes and partners are currently introduced and the quality of services offered. We believe that some of the current brokerage models that are being offered to the sector at present are falling short of providing best value and support for both primes and partner organisations. As a result a negative reputation has been associated with brokerage models.  Therefore we have developed our own FREE Partner Finder Service based upon the feedback we have obtained from our network. We have also developed our own independent due diligence process to provide both parties with a greater level of confidence before introductions are made and formal due diligence is carried out by the prime.

Key features to partners

  • We outline each primes process for engaging with partner organisations and associated timescales
  • We aim to fully prepare you for each prime’s due diligence process to maximise passing to next stage
  • We DO NOT CHARGE any brokerage fees for this service
  • We use this service as a business development opportunity for further engagement with both parties
  • We provide continued support prior to and throughout the introductions, due diligence and contract negotiations
  • We offer on-going support upon commencement of the contract delivery to maximise funding drawdown and maintain the relationship with the prime

Benefits to partner organisations

  • Single point of contact to identify suitable primes based on offer, size and geography
  • Greater chance of securing contract with primes
  • NO BROKERAGE FEE to impact on cash flow at critical time of contract start up
  • Shared vested interest to deliver maximum contract value
  • Opportunity to secure further contracts going forward
  • Opportunity to access to ongoing specialist support

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